Astral SteriTech




Quality management is the foundation of Astral SteriTech’s operations. Our quality management system includes all aspects of quality relating to facilities, products, and service. We individually commit to design, implement, practice and update these Quality Management Systems and this assures manufacture of reliable and safe pharmaceutical drug products. We nurture a culture where quality objectives are given first priority throughout our organization. Our management is committed to establishing a mind-set where quality comes first across all the spectrum of our operations.

Our Quality Systems ensure that all equipment and systems are thoroughly maintained throughout cGMP production and our products are of the highest quality. The Quality Assurance department provides accurate oversight of raw materials, intermediates, products, packaging, labeling materials, and the proper maintenance of critical equipment.

We understand that outsourcing is equally about better quality of service as it is about increased efficiency and cost optimization. Our commitment is to offer the most advanced Quality System through a continuous, in-depth and forward-looking monitoring of the pharmaceutical regulatory environment. At Astral SteriTech, our objective is to go beyond compliance and strive for:

  • ⦿ Maintaining the highest quality standards.

  • ⦿ Anticipation and proactive management of regulatory evolution.

  • ⦿ Continuous improvement throughout our Quality System (production, control, administration, etc.)

Astral SteriTech has a strong network of qualified team members in each department dedicated to product quality. A team of highly-skilled, qualified professionals, coupled with continuous training and development in Good Manufacturing Practices assure the highest quality standards for our customers.