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Alliances And Supply Chain Network

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Alliances And Supply Chain Network

The successful track record as a CDMO for the global marketing partners demands the end-to-end supply chain integration. We at Astral SteriTech, have over the years, on the basis of techno-commercial expertise and financial integrity, established performing network with the vendors of critical inputs on one end of the supply chain and with finished drug formulation customers on the other end. We believe in selectively aligning the most valuable aspects of our purpose, approach and capabilities with the things that our customer – individually and collectively – regards as being most valuable to them.

As a result, Astral SteriTech has succeeded to function as the virtual or extended manufacturing arm of the marketing partners –the prime expectation from a CDMO. The integration with our supply partners for inputs has been equally contributing to our performance as a CDMO. We deeply value the strategic long-term relationships that we maintain with our suppliers to deliver us with robust product functionality, excellent service and world-class price – we truly respect their competitive offering on every count.

The combination of product quality, services to support the regulatory and marketing teams for time-bound and cost-efficient inputs at every stage of product developments leading to regulatory filings, regulatory approvals and finally to the successful commercial launch of products are key parameters which has resulted in making each of our alliance mutually beneficial and long-lasting.

We are ever agile to sustain our track record as a partner for performing alliance and keenly looking forward to add many more partnerships with a potential of manufacturing & marketing synergy and to offer a go-to-market strategy by licensing our already filed, approved products, ready to file dossiers or technology transfer models.